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Landlord Accreditation Overview

The British Landlord Association (The BLA) Accreditation is a voluntary scheme for its members. 

It was introduced for BLA members on the 1st of October 2020 to improve standards and letting efficiency.

The scheme is created for private, corporate landlords & letting agents and is only available to BLA members. 

The scheme is designed to make all members aware of the relevant legislation. This includes any pending legislation along with good practices.

Accredited landlords will have the ability to adopt good practices & procedures in line with the current legislation.

All accredited BLA members are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to manage properties within the legal framework to a high standard.  

The Landlord Foundation course is created by the BLA as a positive drive to ensure members can reach an adequate level of competence in the letting industry. 

Letting agents, property managers & landlords will find the course useful.

The benefit of Accreditation for landlords

  • Recognition by the BLA, tenants, and others that the accredited member can operate their business to a high standard.
  • The ability to deal with disputes with quick resolution of disputes.
  • Permission to use the BLA Accredited logo on your emails, websites, and stationery.
  • A certificate of Accreditation that you can display on websites and on your properties.
  • Local authorities and tenants can check your accredited status with the BLA if you provide them with your membership username or membership email.
  • Discounts on some of the BLA goods and services.
  • Efficiency in dealing with and managing rent arrears. 

The benefit of Accredited landlords for renters 

Renters should have peace of mind when they have an accredited member of the BLA. It means tenants are selecting a member committed to adhering to our Code of Practice and formal complaints process. The continual professional development and learning ensure members are aware of the latest regulations and good practices.

Benefits of the course

  • Discount opportunities with HMO licensing fees, insurance companies, banks and building suppliers.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the critical issues of property management and landlord-tenant legislation
  • Guidance material covering all aspects of the private sector letting.
  • Increased confidence in your property management skills

Course length

The BLA accreditation is achieved by doing the online landlord foundation course and one other online training course, including free courses. Both courses should take between 3 to 4 hours.

Accreditation period 

The Accreditation currently lasts for 12 months due to the frequency of new legislation that impacts the rental market.

You must also maintain your knowledge and keep up to date with the relevant laws after Accreditation has been achieved. This is done by continued learning by reading the BLA online free paper.


Re-accreditation is achieved by doing the landlord foundation course. Once you are accredited, you will not be required to take an additional course with the foundation course for re-accreditation. 


  • Currently £49.95
  • Re-accreditation £49.95



Who is eligible for the accreditation scheme?

All residential landlords and letting agents who are BLA members are eligible for courses and the accreditation scheme. 

Why should I become an accredited landlord?

The scheme has numerous benefits; it makes members, including letting agents, aware of the existing and new legislation and how it may impact them. It helps in raising efficiency in the letting process as members adopt good practices. 

It helps to reduce the risk of penalties for non-compliance with the law that governs landlord activity.

It may help in achieving licensing for some local councils for members who require licensing.

Do you have to be an accredited landlord?

Members of the British Landlords Association are encouraged to be accredited. Landlords and agents should seek to be accredited through The BLA. You will need to attend a training day and, on completion, you will get an accreditation certificate.

What is an accreditation scheme?

A landlord Accreditation is the recognition of your adherence to a set of standards to perform an activity or hold a certain status. Accreditation can be obtained through educational institutions or organisations.

Membership with the British Landlords Association for commercial and residential landlords is only £69.95. If you are not a member, why not join now!

accredited landlordAuthor: Simon Hampton [email protected] Date: 10th of January 2022

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