Eviction Process Course for Landlords & Letting Agents

April 9, 2022
Category: Eviction
Eviction process course for landlords, letting agents and property managers so they have a better understanding of the eviction process and procedure.
This course contains the following topics:
Legal Process
legal System
Pre-tenancy Steps
Tenant rent arrears management
What is a section 21 Notice?
Check section 21 dates
Which notice to serve section 8 or 21?
Relevance of 28th of February 1997 for possession claims?
Section Notice checklist, essential documents
Section 21 Notice invalid due to disrepair
Suing a Guarantor
Disrepair counterclaim
Cost implications of a counterclaim
Joint draft instructions
Scott Schedule
What is part 36 offer
Tenant deposit scheme (TDS) legislation
If the deposit was not protected should you tell the tenant?
Navigating around a tenant deposit scheme problem
Deposit counterclaim
Compensation for not protecting the deposit
Letting agents taking or holding a deposit
Overcharged for a fee or deposit
Is a licence required
Equity Act 2010
Court jurisdiction for possession claims
County court bailiffs
High court bailiffs