Foundation course for Landlords & Letting agents

July 6, 2021
Category: Courses

Our Landlord Foundation course- eLearning deals with the entire process of letting residential property start to finish.

It is a must for all landlords and letting agents. This course teaches the principal foundation of being a landlord as new legislation and regulations come in. As a landlord or letting agent, it is essential to have a reasonable understanding of the issues involved when letting residential property.

Many legal requirements are placed on landlords, and failure to meet these could lead to hefty fines.

Our Landlord Foundation course is designed to take you through the entire lettings process.

The online course covers all aspects of tenancy and property management.

This includes: creating a tenancy, dealing with rent arrears, health & safety issues. The course goes through step by step the responsibilities and obligations of landlords when managing a tenancy.

This course includes the following topics:


  • Its all madness LL’s not allowed to run his business where have you been all those years while we struggle to survive & build up our business. Regulations impossible to achieve because we are prevented by Law. Can use S21 if disrepair likely caused by Tenant, can’t access the property to do repairs. LL’s rights completely removed so no Authority to do his duty, no Authority no responsibility just a sham. I can’t do your internet courses it’s all alien to me and nothing to do with quality affordable housing. All Digital Academics press’s buttons making a mess, Built my first house in Ealing in ‘72 with only hand tools & no Electric on site cordless yet to be invented, no Government help no Bank of Mam & Dad or Mrs Google’s, incidentally which I still have, now I expected to do Courses and learn from kids what I taught their Grandfathers to do.
    Someone needs to get a handle on this nonsense before you cause the biggest collapse since the War.
    Kind regards
    M Foley, ((47 years a LL).