Changes to Eviction rules due to COVID-19

Changes to Eviction rules due to COVID-19

Other changes have been made too; all this means landlords may have a long wait before they can expect to regain possession of their home. However, the Government have worked hard in setting up extra capacity to deal with the extra workload.

The move forms part of government plans to ensure courts recover from the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible and to avoid any delays getting criminals behind bars.

The confirmed sites are:

  • A former county court at Telford, Shropshire
  • Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage
  • Swansea Council Chambers, Swansea
  • Cloth Hall Court, Leeds
  • Middlesbrough Town Hall, Teesside
  • East Pallant House, Chichester
  • 102 Petty France, London
  • Prospero House, London
  • Former magistrates’ court at Fleetwood, Lancashire
  • Knights’ Chamber and Visitor Centre, Bishop’s Palace, Peterborough Cathedral

The Lord Chancellor on the 19 July 2020 announced locations for 10 ‘Nightingale Courts’ which have been rapidly set up to tackle the impact of coronavirus on the justice system.

It seems unclear at this stage if the extra capacity will only deal with the criminal cases or they are intended to deal with civil matters too.

In England, the 28-day rule for possession claims to be listed, from the date a claim is received, has been deleted from the court rules.

Upon receiving a possession claim, the courts will list a possession claim, when they can.

The ban on eviction remains in force until the 20th of September. Courts will not issue any possession claims before the 20th of September save for trespass, which is exempt.

In Scotland, the ban on eviction is in place until March 2021.