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Coronavirus Infection Control Course, for landlords & letting agents as they need to have adequate knowledge and skills in order to ensure safe and efficient procedures prevent the spread of the virus.

12 reviews for Coronavirus Infection Control Course

  1. I found this course really useful, I like the way the course is set out and how the website takes through the course stage by stage. I have done other courses on other websites for my work. This has got to be best I have used, well done, keep the good work going. I would like to make a small contribution, but cant see a donation button. it might be a good idea to put I in?

    Amanda De-Vall De-Vall (verified owner)

  2. excellent I enjoyed it.

    Amanda De-Vall De-Vall (verified owner)

  3. I found this course useful, and recommend others to take it to keep people around them safe. A good insight of COVID-19 for lay people.

    Dr William Masih (verified owner)

  4. I had to do this course for my job, I thought it was going to be a headache, but it was a very pleasant experience, credit to the chaps who designed it. Thanks.

    Hanish Patel (verified owner)

  5. I had problems trying to find the button where to start the course, it was at the top right the 1st lesson, apart from that i really enjoyed the experience, i recommend others doing the course. Debbie

    5gfgdf5gfg5 (verified owner)

  6. very good course, liked it a lot.

    Debbiefisher334 (verified owner)

  7. very useful course.

    Peter-Harding567 (verified owner)

  8. Like the course, I thought I knew i lot more than I actually did, this course helped me. A free course, I think everyone should do it!!!

    Waynecharles66 (verified owner)

  9. it took me 1 hour and 20 min, enjoyable experience.

    Sarah_Branson19622 (verified owner)

  10. Beautiful very good course. Thank you, BLA

    Mohammad786 (verified owner)

  11. good liked it.

    Nayee_boy (verified owner)

  12. I thought i knew all there was to know about this coronavirus, this course has taught me more than I knew or read up on. Worth doing this free course.

    Shauna Kilburge (verified owner)

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