Eviction Process





Eviction Process online training course

This course deals with the basic eviction process. This course is essential as it equips landlords and letting agents with the latest process procedure and pitfalls. This course was created in conjunction with Landlord Advice UK one of the leading tenant eviction companies in the UK.

Legal Process
legal System
Pre-tenancy Steps
Tenant rent arrears management
What is a section 21 Notice?
Check section 21 dates
Which notice to serve section 8 or 21?
Relevance of 28th of February 1997 for possession claims?
Section Notice checklist, essential documents
Section 21 Notice invalid due to disrepair
Suing a Guarantor
Disrepair counterclaim
Cost implications of a counterclaim
Joint draft instructions
Scott Schedule
What is part 36 offer
Tenant deposit scheme (TDS) legislation
If the deposit was not protected should you tell the tenant?
Navigating around a tenant deposit scheme problem
Deposit counterclaim
Compensation for not protecting the deposit
Letting agents taking or holding a deposit
Overcharged for a fee or deposit
Is a licence required
Equity Act 2010
Court jurisdiction for possession claims
County court bailiffs
High court bailiffs