Thank you!

Thank you!

The BLA is the 2nd largest landlord association in the UK.

Our membership is genuinely Free; All members have access to everything; we do not limit access to any products or services to our members.

We only have one type of membership, and that is a free membership. 

We are a not for profit organisation. 

This means no silly gimmicks to sell you, no ads on our website, no pop-ups, and we do not sell our members data. 

Free members Legal helpline

The British Landlord Association legal helpline gives members of the BLA direct access to a practising housing lawyer.

Unlike some landlord associations where the helpline means you speak to another landlord. We believe this is a recipe for disaster; it’s like the blind leading the blind.

In an ideal world, you want to be able to speak to someone who knows their stuff. So who better than a panel of practising housing lawyers to help you?

Get free consultation

Over 300 free legal documents

We provide our members with commercial, residential property management & letting legal documents, guides and templates.

With increasing, legislation members have the need to be able to access documents when they need them.

We continue to improve and add to our document library every month.

Document library

We actively campaign for fair treatment for all landlords.